Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Great British Comic Relief Bake Off

I love The Great British Bake Off. As the name suggests, it is so British that the Queen should just resign because, frankly, we don't need her to boost Britain any more. (Not really, I love the Queen.) But, really, The Great British Bake Off is, in a word, perfection. If you haven't ever watched it then crawl out from what ever hole you've been hiding in right now, because you're missing out. That said, there isn't actually the real thing on at the moment, although there is The Great British Comic Relief Bake Off. The picture at the top is of the first, and definitely funniest of the series. That one, you must watch. I laughed hysterically the whole time, and obviously you can trust my fabulous sense of humour. Dame Edna should be the Queen, and her incredible creations should be framed - they are absolutely unique.

I have to say though, in the second of the series it all took a dramatic turn for the worse. A mistake was made, a medium sized, extremely annoying mistake from Brighton. No, it wasn't a colossal stick of rock, smashing the gorgeous baking tent in and crushing the lovely Marie Berry. Even worse than that. It was Zoella.
Uggh. That sickeningly sweet smile, her annoying voice and self depreciating ways. She infuriates me, that's for sure, but I suppose that's good telly. On the upside, she didn't win (spoilers, sorry) and her cake failed. I felt just a little smug as the roof caved in, but then she probably gained 3000 followers during that moment of sadness, so I guess she's even. Still, apart from her, you must watch this. You must.