Sunday, 15 March 2015

5 Best Websites for Transforming Your Blog

Obviously, I mean transforming it in a positive way, silly. If you want to make it worse just take a look at the Daily Mail website, and copy their content. It could hardly be any worse. BUT, if you want it to look theeessss fabulous dahhlink, then toddle along to :
  1.  Pixlr:

This is brilliant for editing photos - I use it for everything! It's really easy to use, but is actually pretty good - I used it to adjust my new blog background (which I drew myself folks - a little round of applause perhaps?) Also, it's free and on-line, so enough said basically.

2.  Word mark:

This is really cool, because it shows you what a word would look like in any of the fonts that you have on your computer. It works pretty quickly, and can be handy, if you can bother to open it, instead of just deciding that the font you have will probably do.

  3.  Photography tips - On your Phone!
                                                 Tips and tricks for taking better iPhone photos!
To be honest it's probably worth it just to pootle on over to this site purely to look at the fabulous photos she's taken. However, the tips are actually amazing, even though I don't use a phone, because that's too amateurish (I use an iPod touch. Which isn't even mine. Yeah...)

  4.   How to get more blog ideas

Use google to discover blog post ideas
This website itself isn't the brilliant thing here, it's this single tip, which is coincidentally shown above. Fancy that, eh? In a nutshell, use google to come up with more ideas for posts. Kind of obvious, but I'd never thought of it before, for some strange reason.

5. How to make your Blogger blog not look like a Blogger blog
                                                unblogger your blogger blog
Yeah, catchy title I know. But seriously, there are some amazing tips and ideas on this website, and I shall be applying them when I have the time / can be bothered. Let me know if you see any difference.

Well, there we go. I shall be using all these tips and websites, and I hope it helps some young, energetic aspirational bloggers out there. Or, you know, old decrepit ones.