Thursday, 19 March 2015

All that glitters

Glitter gets way too much bad press. Maybe once it was only for hyper active reception kids with the attention spans of gnats, but now it is so, so much more. It is basically the last hope for humanity, the only shining light in a world of dullness, with the possible exception of the carrot cake cookie I'm eating right now, which is delicious. Plus, let's face it, even that could be improved by edible glitter. I reckon I'd be a great PR woman, and now it's time to put that to the test. Bring out your glitter, because here are 5 glitzy DIY's to get glitter's career back on track.

  1. Glittery nails:
DIY Glitter Manicure.

Isn't this fabulous? Ok, so it's more of a life hack than a diy, but seriously? Stuff like this makes me feel so stupid - just put clear nailpolish on, then dip your nail in some nail glitter. Perfeection darling. Wear your glitter on your nails; don't be afraid to hide the real you, and yea.

  2. Give nasty ornaments new life:

Glitter Sculpture
It goes without saying that you wouldn't use green, but covering things in silver or gold glitter makes even plastic rubbish look classy.

  3. Glitter candles:

DIY craft  candles glitter by michael
Well, I'm not quiet sure what would happen when the candle started to melt, but never mind. It definitely looks stunning, so it's going on my list of DIY's to do.

  4.Glittery mason jars:
DIY frasco para galletas glitter ~ glitter mason jar for cookies ~ from Ahora también mamá   #diy #craft #howto #glitter #jar #masonjar
I love mason jars. I LOVE THEM! So this is the perfect combination, and would be so cute, not only for storage but also for giving little gifties in. Or giving them in (hint hint.)

  5. Glittery flower jars:
Yes folks. Another mason jar. I really can't help it if I just want mason jars everywhere now can I? Besides, a mason jar is another all too unappreciated thing, although glitter has now officially left the ranks. (If you want pr I'll take cash or cheques, whichevers easiest.)