Sunday, 29 March 2015

Easter Paper Pom poms

There have been both successes and failures in my easter decorating extravagant. My easter balloon egg sting things have so far been a failure, which is disappointing, but I'm working on it. The success came from some nice subtle paper decorations I made.

Haha, jokes they're not subtle!! Where'd the fun in that be?
To make them you need : tissue paper, wire, scissors and some thread to hang it up. 
First, take your tissue paper and fold it in half, or quarters if you want a smaller pom pom. I made varied sizes, but there's no exact science to it.

Next, concertina it until you have folded it the whole way. (By concertinaing it, I mean folding it like a fan.)

Take your wire and wrap it tightly around your paper strip. However tightly you've wrapped it, probably give it one more twist, just to make certain. Come on now, don't be lazy.

Now clip the ends with your scissors. This should be pretty exciting, because it's decision time! You can either make your ends pointy or curved - it's up to you! *yay* 

Now just sort of do this. (I can't really describe it, but basically spread your little wigs and fly away. Wait, not really, don't go)
Fluff up all the layers, trying to make it even because we don't want to make it, you know, messy or anything.
Make a whole bunch more, to make it look all arty farty, because my room so didn't have enough stuff it all ready. Add string to hang it up with, and Bob's your metaphorical uncle (I say metaphorical because I am unfortunately not lucky enough to have an uncle named Bob, so I don't know why I used that expression really.)
Isn't it pretty? And festive? It makes me happy, which is the most important thing (even if they do mean that I can't close my curtains. Oh well, it's a small price to pay.)