Friday, 27 March 2015

How to draw Magnus Bane, from the Mortal Instruments

Obviously, I'm a massive fan girl. I obsess over a lot of things, and I have a lot of people I love. On a list from one to five it would probably go: Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matt Smith, Magnus and Skullduggery Pleasant. Oh, and my family. Maybe. Anyway, today I fancied some glitter and high cheekbones, so here is how to draw the one, the only...

Begin with just a circle. Everything has to start some where, like a little acorn.
 Add a rectangle with the point touching the halfway line to your little acorn.
Begin shaping in his cheeckbones, cheeks and chin, as well as his jawline, using the rectangle as a guide.
 Add in some guide lines across the circle, being careful with the outlines.
 Draw the eyes, nose and mouth, on the guide lines. I had loads of trouble with the mouth, and had to tipex it out several times. With someone elses tipex. (I'm so professional)
 Pencil in the eye brows (for real.), using tiny little lines.
 Do some adjustments (I don't really know what I changed here, but just do it anyway.)
 Give him a shirt. It's cold out there.
 Add his luxurious locks, probably a bit thicker than me.
 Outline it all in pen, and do some contouring, providing that is what you call it on drawn characters. Look, your acorn is blooming (?) into an oak tree already! Aren't you proud?
 Do your final adjustments, rub out all the bad bits, and just generally make it a ton better.

Et voila! A beautiful warlock, to consume with your eyeballs as you please. As you can tell, I made this all up myself, so please excuse the rubbishy photos. Good luck!