Monday, 16 March 2015

How to make a Helena, the Stuffed Mouse Ballet Teacher

Last Sunday it was mothers day, as I'm sure everyone with a heart, or mother, knows. I mean, I forgive you if you don't actually have a mother, because that's pretty rough, but forgetting your mother on mothers day? Unacceptable. I am an unbelievably unorganised person, and yet I not only managed to do a breakfast (which was probably edible) but I also gave her flowers and this stuffed mouse. I reckon that pretty much exempts me from doing anything for the rest of the year, right?
Now, you may think that it's odd to give a grown woman a stuffed toy, but seriously, can you not see the appeal of a little stuffed mouse, full of character and wat not. No? Well, I can. So can my mum - she genuinly cried when I gave it to her (they were tears of joy, I think.)                  

Well, this is the pattern I made, which is pretty self explanatory. I just did it with hand sewing. Using white felt for the body, and gingam fabric for the inside of the ears. The leotard was a stretchy material, the skirt was a long piece of floral fabric, which I hemmed. The shoes are gingam fabric, and a hemp material, and they're a little more complicated, but not much.
That's my extremely proffesional design, by the way. Here's the pattern:

The shoes, which are just so adorable I want to die, are easily adapted from this tutorial :

Aren't they just the cutest things?

Good luck, if you try to make something similar to this. Please post a picture or something if you do, and I'll let you guys know if I make any more of these little creatures, and soon I'll