Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A Fandom Meal

Greetings folkeys. I’m ridiculously sleep deprived right now, because I just survived a full week of school, but I’m slogging on none the less, you lucky, lucky people. I am not, you may be surprised to know, the only fangirl among my friends. On my summer bucket list, there was ‘make a fandom meal’, and that wasn’t entirely just my idea. Because it wasn’t just me, and because I’m not exactly the world’s most enthusiastic cook (except when bakeoff is on, obviously) I recruited two of my friends to help me make this, and I want to show you the result. The whole idea was to make a meal that had each bit from a different book or movie that we were al fans of, and we came up with some ingenious things, I have to say. I can provide links to some of the recipes we used, but they can just as easily be subbed in with basically any other. All together, we fed eleven people, which was pretty impressive, I recon, although there wasn’t enough soup, by quite someway. (I love soup.)

For the starter (yes, we really were that fancy) we went hunger games themed, and had district four bread (you should know what I mean, an I'm deeply disappointed if you don't) with the pumpkin soup that Katniss has in the capital. Both of them were surprisingly delicious, I have to say, which surprised me slightly, but there wasn't enough of either the soup or the bread, which was a shame. We made the bread from scratch, in crescent shapes, with poppy seeds sprinkled on *after* the dough is risen. The dough may not have been quite bake off standard, but it was pretty darn good.

The soup was delicious too, and extremely easy to make, which makes a nice change. I think I might actually do it for my lunches next week, but I'll keep you posted on that front. The soup recipe came from here and is in American measurements I believe, but worked really well. There wasn't really enough of this either, you won't be surprised to know, as there were ten of us eating.  I didn't use an acorn squash, what ever that is, and used a butternut squash instead, but it didn't seem to make a difference. The photo is depressingly bad quality, because I was being pressured into being fast, but you can see how great it looks, right?

The main course might seem ever so slightly cheating, but I swear it isn't just pizza. This one was meant to be from Percy Jackson, but is technically just some random pizza we made, but it was still delicious, and you can check the books - they really do sacrifice pizza to the gods, so it counts. The only bad thing about our choices of dishes were that we couldn't include everything and that meant no Sherlock, and no Doctor Who. If I ever do this again I reckon we should start with all the fandoms we neglected this time, which is quite a lot.

The last food we made was cake, but not just any cake. We made dauntless cake, and yes, there is a difference. This one is delicious, although I knew that already. It's a Nigel Slater chocolate cake and it is YUM. If you're on a diet this really really isn't for you though; it's hard to imagine a more chocolate and fat filled cake in all the world, which I suppose is partly why it's so good. It also has about a trillion eggs in it, and they are definitely healthy so...

For drinks, we made butterbeer, and a bright red drink, from the mortal instruments. Guess what that meant?! (I'm going to tell you even if you don't care.) It meant that I had my very first taste of cream soda and my. mind. was. blown. Seriously. Shoot me dead and use my head as a mop. I do not know where I was going with that one. Stop me.
It's really good k.
(I hate my camera. The quality on the picture below is perfect, but the soup? No.) Ps. the drink isn't blood its lemonade with food colouring. Sorry to disappoint.
The butterbeer was really good, I have to say, although it looks pretty manky. We used this salted caramel thing, which was super good, but my friend ate most of it, so not so good in reality I suppose. The recipe we used may have been this one, but I'm not totally sure. Theirs seems to look an awful lot more aesthetically pleasing than ours, for some reason.
I was unduly proud of this meal, and as a special little bonus, not one of the ten people who came got food poisoning, and everyone ate food. Yas. Have you ever done anything like this? I imagine no one has, but I could always use ideas if I ever do it again, which I might do, if the relentless ton of homework ever stops coming, which it doesn't look like it will. I can try.
Until next time