Thursday, 2 April 2015

Gorgeous Paper Flowers

These were partly an accident. They weren't an accident as in, oops I just cut up a magazine according to a template, but as in I meant to make some slightly corny, very cheerful easter decorations, and I ended up with these. That's not a bad thing, it's just that these are a bit more subtle and classy than I was expecting. If you like that sort of thing, then these are perfect for you.

All you need is some rubbishy fashion magazine (or sport one, neither are worth all that much to me) with loads of adverts or pictures in (except maybe not ones with pictures because they're much better than anything else.) , some scissors, wire, the template and a glue gun, or some strong glue. Glue guns are preferable, because they are perfect in every way; if I was a politician glue guns would be mandatory. The template is here, and sadly it isn't mine, although you can pretend it is, if you like. Take your templates, and cut about three of every type of flower and random circle. Just cut it all out, fill your room with slightly annoying bits of paper that you'll find everywhere for days, go crazy.

When you've done that, organise them into little piles of about three. The only real rule is that you should really go from largest to smallest, although you don't have to. As always, it's a free country.If you're wondering if the circles are meant to have odd slits in them, they are. They're going to turn into cones in just a second.

Glue them all together, with the, wait for it, cones (told you so) in the middle, if that's how you want it.

Aren't they just beautiful? I'm so proud of my little flower darlings. (they worked. yaaaaaaaaaaaass.)
Take a piece of wire and bend it in half, and twiiiist it, before sticking it on as some kind of weird stem thingy.

Just step back and marvel at the wonderful thing that you've created in silent wonder, or shout out to every one you know, showing them how great you really are. Because you deserve it. Power to the people (or something.)