Saturday, 18 April 2015

My Favourite Things on the Web This Month, Part One

So, some of these are a tad odd. I honestly don't know how I find myself in what must be the strangest part of the internet *gradually sees the axe murderers arm in arm with postage stamp collectors and backs away* (I know there are weirder things out in the big wide web, but I'm not all that keen to find them so as to compare, so I'm going to stay happily ignorant, kay?)
Here is a list of some of the best things I've found this month:

It was only recently that I discovered Mirth Box, and its wonderful creator, Jess Nolan. I kind of wish I'd found it sooner - any blog filled with happy fluff and amusing ramblings is definitely my kind of place. Having said that, that's not that surprising, as that's what I see this as. Anyway, definitely go and have a browse, and I guarantee it will brighten up your day.

This was a waste of time, obviously, but remarkably good fun along with it. The graphics of this are amazing (and yes, I am aware that I sound like a computer nerd. All you need is the vocabulary folks, and people will believe anything) and although it is short, it is sour (hahaha you weren't suspecting that, were you! You can't predict me!). No, really it's amazing, especially with the sound. I have to say, I'm quite tempted to watch the movie now, so it did its job.
This website is just. Phooomsllrp. That was my brain sliding out of my head in awe, ready to be absorbed by the creators of this collection of awesome. (I think that's how they manage to take everything good, and put it on one site. Like pinterest.) This website is all sorts of cool, and has some brilliant things on it. Have a look.

Lemon Poppy Seed Protein Muffins -- a quick, easy & healthy breakfast treat! They're packed with 9g+ protein & practically taste like cupcakes!
I had to shorten the URL here, because it goes on for about three years worth of reading. Amy's healthy baking as a whole is pretty fabulous - I mean, healthy desserts?! Is this not the stuff of legends? The only issue is, if every things yummy and healthy I'll end up eating more than I would have before, which pretty much makes it pointless. Oh well, these muffins look tasty enough to make up for the loss of use for my entire wardrobe.

DIY Roundup 9 Mini Bottle Tutorials. Part 1. Part 2 is here.
Bottled Potions Tutorial from Etsy. Love Potion, Dragon’s Blood, Wolfsbane Potion and the Antidote
Mini Meditation Bottle made with glitter and water. I suggest a better way to make this at the link.
Knockoff ModClothSweet Shop Necklace from Quiet Lion Creations.
Mini Apothecary Bottle Necklaces from My So Called Crafty Life.
Lavender Oil Bottle Necklace from Sincerely, Kinsey.
Mini Terrarium Necklace from Happy Hour Projects.
I Love You I Hate You Bottle Rings from Ornamantea. This is where I get bottles in unusual mini shapes.
Secret Message in a Bottle from Happy Hour Projects.
The BIG Version - Meditation Jar. Tutorials and printable idea at the link.
It's not really this post that I like so much, but the whole putting everything in a mini bottle and automatically making it two hundred times cuter thing. There are so many possibilities, for fan girls and normal people alike. Let's unite the world, through tiny portions of kawaii.

That's it, for today, but tomorrow, part two is coming. And it's good. (I think so, anyway. If I can work out how to do a delayed publishing thingy on this damn computer. Me and technology are not close at all.

Until next time