Sunday, 12 April 2015

My Easter Decorations in All Their Glory

As you know, I've gone somewhat Easter mad this year. I've done everything Easter related that you can possibly fit into a two week holiday, which, of course, includes decorations. This post basically sums up all the decorations that I ended up with (and they're all still up - it's Easter so the 'it's bad luck if you don't take them down' thing that my mum goes on about doesn't count, right? (If it does, and I fall and break my back or something I'll warn you before I die, I swear.)) 
The biggest statement decoration is a pretty close call, because my decorations aren't exactly subtle - where would the fun in that be? My favourite is my big poofy window decoration pom poms :
They honestly do cheer me up every time I walk into the room (which is often), and just because they mean I can't close the curtains or shut my blinds doesn't mean that I have to take them down once Easter is over. I can face a few sleepless nights, knowing that even while I sleep I am resisting the passage of time, and refusing to be dragged any further into the future.

My second favourite is my papier mache Easter eggs, which are also coincidently my mums least favourite. She says that they are pointless, because they are only going to be around for two weeks, I ruined my carpet to make them and they're going to get eaten by rats anyway if I try storing them in the attic. I said that of course they're pointless -they're eggs! (HAHAHAHAAA! Sorry...)

This one is a tad dented - you have to lean it up against the side of my desk, but I love it all the same, because it is our imperfections that make us perfect (my bestie made this one, so that's the excuse she came up with. I'm not convinces, partly because it makes absolutely no grammatical sense.)

This egg is meant to be a mini egg, and if you sort of squint it looks pretty similar. (Don't crush my dreams.)

These are the classiest of my decorations, and supremely easy to make. (Don't tell my mum that though - she was delighted with the flower I gave her.)

This one doesn't look all that Eastery, but it fits very nicely on my bookshelf, so I'm going to pretend that it's seasonal, if only to stay the many questions on why I have a big orange tissue paper flower on my shelf. If I say it's for my blog people ake interested noises, and move on. (Really it's because I love the colour orange, but don't tell.)

Happy Easter, and as ever, I'd love to see any photos you guys have of your decorations or DIY's - let me know if you tried any of my fabulous ideas. Mwa mwa darlings, 
Until next time x