Thursday, 23 April 2015

Politics and all that Malarky

The world of politics is in uproar right now, like usual. This time though, it's because of the election, and one of the things that's happening is there are loads of big debates and stuff on Tv, including two leader debates. I watched both of these, so I'm now officially a political expert. As such, I'm fully qualified to come up with whatever baloney I like, and pass it off as the truth. (I did this before actually, but now it's legal, or something.)

In general British politics is pretty rubbish. The politicians are slimy, arrogant gits, their promises are built of air and their only agenda is filling their own wallets. Well, most of them. They're not all bad - Nicola Bennett (Green party) has the right ideas, and Nicola Sturgeon (SNP) is genuinely likeable. They were little islands of reason among the rest of the creeps on stage.

Leanne Wood wasn't creepy, but she was unbelievably boring. Her welsh accent had just the right amount of calmness to send me over the edge, and I had little naps when it was her turn to speak. The men were almost unbearable, with David Cameron firmly rooted in the past. He went on for ages about all the great stuff he'd done while in power this time, but I think I was maybe asleep or eating something when it happened. Or even watching a new episode of Sherlock, and God knows that happens infrequently enough.

Miliband was pretty slimy in both debates, but can we just talk about this?

Miliband's sass face
Oh my.... *wipes tears from hysterical laughter* His heart is in the right place bless him. The same can't be said for Nigel Farage though. What was he thinking? 'Hmmm... Not enough people hate me right now, so I think I'll boost the numbers with some rot about HIV positive immigrants. Yaas, that ticks off two offensive boxes in one! Hurrah!' Grrr. I hate that man.

Anyway, now I've got that out of my system, there are some more craft posts coming soon, on account of my friends insisting on having birthdays, so I needed to find presents somewhere. It seems to be an annual thing or something.
Until next time