Friday, 27 February 2015

Day Two of Healthy Packed lunches

Well, I survived my lunch yesterday, and today once again managed to wow the world with my culinary prowess. The story behind this lunch is pretty complicated, mostly due to my total inability to wake up in the mornings, or at least, wake to a stage that means my brain functions. However, the lunch itself is super simple, and I definitely recommend it. It's a smoothie milkshake thing (technical term) with some pasta salad. 

The pasta salad is whole wheat pasta, roast peppers and roast courgette, with balsamic vinegar. It's actually really nice, even completely cold, under sceptical glances from snooty friends. This lunch was actually my mums idea, and was therefore much nicer than anything I could have produced myself. The whole wheat thing is probably better for you - look it up if you want details. I am many things (good things), but an encyclopaedia isn't one of them.

Aww, look. There's my lunch with an apple. Bless.