Thursday, 5 February 2015

My 10 favourite things on the web this month

So I spend lots of time surfing the web while pretending I'm doing my homework. Don't judge me. (And I'm not just pretending to my parents - I usually have a few tabs open, and I kid myself that I'm only looking at things while stuff is loading). Here are a few of my favourite things on the web this month, in no particular order:
  1. Starbucks cup sleeves:
This is terribly 'tumblr' , but it still appeals to me, particularly because of the Harry Potter illustrations. Despite my vendetta against Starbucks, I still wish I could do this.

    2. Diy gift ideas
Obviously I love Diy gifts, almost as much as free things (which is a lot). This is a really good compilation of a load of them, until I get round to doing my own. I love this site too; so basically what a boost!
                                            Cat flats

   3. Fruit painted macaroons
These are just too cute to be true, although I would never be able to make them.
DIY fruit macarons |

   4. Oh the burrrrrn.
This is really very funny, and will leave you wishing you could have been the first to some up with these, however mean they are. Again, this site is fabbbuuuuulllouuusss dahhling, but terribly distracting, as the name suggests.

  5.Suris Burn Book
 I have just fallen in love with this blog. Oh but it's terribly witty.

  6. Life changing little thoughts
These will make you stop and go woah. For example, every day someone in the world does todays biggest poo, and they will never know.

  7.Healthy meals
 For those healthy days. We all have them folks. Besides, these are just too cute.

  8. One pot aubergine pasta
Not only is this easy and healthy, it looks really yummy too. I'll keep you posted on that front, although bear in mind that I'm not a very good cook, so any dismal results are not necessarily the fault of the recipe.

  9. Woman marries herself
While this is not quite as controversial as it once was - I must have heard or seen this at least three times it is still pretty fun. It does leave you wondering what she'd do if she met someone else though. Can you divorce yourself? Or, you know, consciously uncouple yourself... From yourself...

  10.  A headmaster takes on Let It Go, in a brilliant parody
My schools headmaster is pretty cool, but this takes it to a whole new level. For once, this parody of Frozen is really very different.

Well, there you go folks. I'll probably do a new one of these next month, so I hope you enjoyed it.