Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Starbucks AHAHAHA

Well then folks. The whole world loves Starbucks - the tumblr world, the instagram world, probably even the real world - but I have to ask, why? So it's all tumblr yesss, but guys, tumblr is so mainstream now. Seriously; it's an adjective, like 'google it' , practically not even a thing any more, and so you can't just go 'oh but it's soo tumblr baaaaabeee *giggles* ' and expect me to go along with it. Come on, today I got an expresso ( because I had no idea what it was) in this teeeeeeny cup, and it was tiny, and it cost £1.60  - WHAT is this world coming to? And because I thought an espresso was a normal coffee I bought it, and thought it was reasonable, and then when I opened the cup it was so small I could barely see it. (fume.) AND Starbucks is really unethical too. Hffff.

People are such lemmings.

*note. I mainly don't like Starbucks because I didn't realise what an expresso was, which made me feel foolish. Also, there isn't one in Petersfield, so I can't go that often, and when I did I wasted the opportunity. Sniff.