Friday, 2 January 2015

Make Your Drawers Delightful (Or boxes beautiful)

I am naturally a *fairly* messy person (as in very very messy), and like my room most of the time my drawers are permanently in a state of chaos. This is a tad inconvenient - I can never find anything, so I have to buy more stuff, which quickly sinks into the rest of the debris, so I can't find it so - and so on. It's SUPER annoying, but while I'm naturally messy I actually quite enjoy organising. I eventually decided to do something about my messiness, namely by making lots of compartments out of cereal boxes. My first target was the box under my bed. I can't show you a before picture, but be assured it was horrendous. Now, it looks lovely.  (Always agree)

I used some pretty wrapping paper to line the boxes, which is from Ikea, and I used cereal boxes to make the little boxes inside. I did this a while ago, and it's still neat, so I'm pretty pleased with it. A few days ago I opened one of my desk draws, and saw THIS:
Gah. Hideous. So I gave it the same treatment, although I haven't yet lined it with any papers, which I probably will when I have time (/can be bothered/ remember). Now it's transformed hah.

YAY!!!! IT MAKES ME HAPPY!!!! This is how I did it:
Now your drawers can be as amazing (ish) as mine are, you lucky person!