Monday, 23 February 2015

Day One of Healthy Packed Lunches

Today begins my epic journey into the odd culinary corners that are all things healthy. As some famous bloke or blokette once said "But the Modern Utopia must not be static but kinetic, must shape not as a permanent state but as a hopeful stage, leading to a long ascent of stages. Nowadays we do not resist and overcome the great stream of things, but rather float upon it. We build now not citadels, but ships of state.”  No, I don't know what that means either, but courage readers, because no man must be thwarted by higher vocabulary. It's an inspiring quote, or at least that's what it said on goodreads, and we all know that goodreads is older and wiser than any one can ever hope to be. (Well, I just googled it, and it turns out goodreads is only 8 years old, but that's old in modern terms. Motzart was composing age five, and compared to that, goodreads is ancient.)

Anyway, goodreads aside, I had my first ultra healthy lunch™ , and it wasn't half bad (which means it was good, for those who are a little slower than others). My delectable creation was made up of:

  • Whole meal pancakes, filled with roasted peppers and cooked bananas (not in the same pancake, muppet)  
  • Not one, but two pieces of fruit (!)

  • A walnut scone filled with cream cheese, which I highly recommend

  • Two oat and banana cookies (I'll post about these soon, I promise)
  • A green smoothie. Now, this sounds disgusting, but actually it's not too darn bad. Just don't leave it out in a warm kitchen over night, that's my advice

My lunch was actually a lot better than I expected, even if my doubting father scoffed at me. I showed them. I showed them all