Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tunesday Thursday


  I think I was born in the wrong generation. The whole idea of vinyls and gramophones and typewriters fills me with a sense of happiness that I just don't get when I see a phone charger, or my tatty CD player. The music back then though is quite a different matter. I think I might be allergic to easy listening songs, and songs with tunes but no lyrics, and I'm not cool enough to know about any other old music (I'm an cultured swine, sorry.). The best bit about older music is that it has now brought us to the pinnacle of music, the epitome of greatness, the peak of perfection. Basically, it's brought us Imagine Dragons, Young the Giant, Passenger and Lorde.

Okay, without further ado, song number one.

I may have mentioned that whole not cool music person thing before, but I have only been to one 'proper' concert in my life, which makes the fact that I'm going not only to a concert but an Imagine Dragon's concert all the more amazingly super cool. Yaaas! I love them so much, and Smoke and mirrors is my favourite track from their new album. It's sort of Indie Rock/Alternative, and it's amazing.

Oh my. I only discovered Young the Giant yesterday, and I've been listening to them non stop ever since. They're amazing (Indie Rock-ish again, sorry.) and I have no idea why they're not more famous. Any way, my favourite of their songs is Cough Syrup, hence it being number two on my list. It's really catchy, but still different.

I LOVE Passenger so much it's unreal, and I hate the fact that he lives in America, so I'll probably never see him. He is so amazing I can't even. POWWW. Ok, sorry. *stuffs brains back into head* His songs are all amazing, but Starlings is my favourite, I think. All of his songs have such meaningful lyrics that I can get something new out of it every time I listen (is it just me who loves songs which have stories in them?). Seriously, if you do one thing today, listen to him. He's sort of folky, but I don't really like folk, so he's can't be all that dull. It's just a heck of a lot of talented guitar playing, and a gloooorious voice.

Right, lastly, the album. This album is a couple of years old now, but every song n there is amazing, and they're all different. Pure Heroine is by Lorde, and she is just the most talented person to ever open her mouth, so the quality of the album isn't much of surprise. She's Indie Pop (my favourite!) and juust fabulous.

Thank you so much to the lovely Lois A for giving me this post idea and EVERYTHING ( I hope you like the songs I chose. Have a listen, and I guarantee there'l be something you like in there.
Until next time