Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Ruffly flowers

Now, it's summer outside. Y'know, summer, sun, lack of rain, heat. Someone might want to tell whoever's in charge of the weather that though, because Britain has yet to see a hint of the glorious thing some call sunshine. There's barely been enough for the flowers, let alone enough for me to get any sort of tan. But! I, for one, am not giving in to the dismalness (is that a word?) outside. It can pee down out there all it likes, I'm making paper flowers inside. Because I'm cool.

You'll need:
Tissue paper
A stapler
Green card
(that's it)

Cut your tissue paper into squares. You'll need around four or five of these.

Fold all of these in half, triangularly.

Cut little pretty scallops into the long, unfolded edge.

Unfold the tissue paper.

Staple the center of the cross.

Unfold all of the paper, and smush (getting technical here.) the paper into a flower shape.

Roll a piece of green card into a stem, and attach it.

Tadah!! Beautiful!!

I'm going to try and sort out some sort of schedule with regards to this blog, but hopefully there'll be a couple of guest posts soon! Fingers crossed!
Until next time
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