Monday, 4 May 2015

The Best Bits of Buzzfeed Part 1

Oh Buzzfeed. If I fail all my GCSE's and get pulled down the plughole of life, then it was probably your fault. Buzzfeed definitely is the singularly most addicting website on the internet with the possible exception of Vine, and Pinterest, and YouTube and - well, there are a lot of time wasting things I'm addicted to, but still. None the less, me and Buzzfeed are pretty close, and here are a few of my favourite posts. (I'm sorry I can't fit the list into one post, but the world of Buzzfeed is a big place)
When they nailed the relationship between David Cameron and Ed Miliband.
Pictures that perfectly sum up what it means to be British.
This is the best thing that ever happened on Buzzfeed. Ever. I'm British, and most of these are so spot on that I can barely function. I UNDERSTAND, YOU PEOPLE!!!! I don't know if other nationalities would find it so funny, but I love it. Gah.
Guardian articles that you would want to read
This one has a pretty tragic back story. So, because I'm British and middle class (and left wing btw) I read the Guardian every Saturday, religiously. Originally that's why I looked at this post, but then I started getting kind of excited about all these amazing stories that exist, and all these crazy funny peoples loves I could read about. I was going through, trying to find links to the articles when the harsh reality hit me. THESE ARTICLES ARE NOT REAL. I put that in caps so that no one else has to go through the bitter disappointment. They're still funny though.

29 Things That Will Make You Grin Like An Idiot However Badly Your Day's Going
Things to make you happy
If you've had a bad day, I guarantee this will make you feel better. Maybe not chocolate level better, but pretty darn good.

When the rich, inner-life of Sherlock Holmes was captured so perfectly.
The Sherlock fandom winning at Tumblr again.
Um yeah. I am a Sherlockian, and therefore anything to do with Sherlock is automatically a priority. Again, I can relate to these posts, and the weird people behind them, but even if you don't like Sherlock (who even are you.) these are probably really great. I haven't been able to find anyone who doesn't to ask them so. (By the way, talking about fandoms for a second, go on urban dictionary and look up your fandom name. The definitions made my day.)

Americans try British Food for the first time.
I find this pretty amusing, even though they ate the hot cross buns wrong. Fools.

Low carb lunch ideas.
I don't particularly care about the carb content of my lunch, but I'm always looking out for healthy lunch inspo for school. (As I said before, the lunches at my school are kind of tasty, but not tasty enough that I want to go through a cardiac arrest.)

When the teacher's sent you out for something your mate did.
Ed Miliband reactions that sum up your life
Ok, so I do realize that everyone is sick of the elction by now, except me, and probably the BBC. Still, Ed Miliband face is pretty fabulous, so any excuse to marvel at his cartoon features is a good one.
The girl who won at life goals:
People who won social media.
If you thought aware social media is a competition then you should probably just go back under your rock, because the thing is, you just don't see competitive things online. There aren't any smug selfies with celebrities, or pictures of cool parties, or stories about expensive holidays, except on every social media page ever. Sadly though, fun time's over, because no one can compete with these (mostly) geniuses. Sorry, folks.
5 minute hairstyles.
I am not a morning person. Regardless of what time I go to bed I seem to need more sleep than your average person, even compared to other teenagers. This explains the contrast between my normal school hair (probably clean, but still wet, brushed (barely) and maybe put into a ponytail if you're lucky) and some girls in my year, who look like they spend hours perfecting every last strand. While spending that long on my hair every morning would be nice, it's kind of unrealistic, considering I usually end up with about ten minutes to get washed, dressed, pt my face on etc. These hairstyles are mostly great, and maybe soon I'll be able to bluff my way into making it look like I care about what my hairs doing.
Anthropologie DIY's
I feel kind of guilty for putting this one in, when other perfectly good posts got axed, especially as I don't even know what Anthropologie is (I'm guessing either a shop or some type of hippo). Still, while some of these look pretty horrible, some of these are very tempting.Whatever this 'Anthropologie' is, I like its style. Plus, these save you money apparently, so it's a yes from me.

I'm sorry I couldn't fit all of Buzzfeed in one post, but I'll do a new one soonish.
Until next time