Friday, 1 May 2015

Earrings in a Bottle

Now, this probably makes me look extremely stingy, because out of my two friends who've had birthdays in the last two weeks, how many presents do you think I bought? HAHAH NONE!! I spent no money, only my own sweet time, and still they didn't get offended and (I don't think) vow to never talk to me ever again. This one was for my friend Lucy, and the picture is pretty shoddy, so you cant really see what it is. Again, I'm not classing this as a tutorial, on account of the fact that I hate it when people say that there's an easy tutorial and then they're all like, oh, just get your butterfly leatherette and some 24 carat gold, then blend it with almond flax meal Scandinavian sugar meat, and then add some of your soul and your first born child and add some washi tape and you're done! In this case, I used some wire, some blank stud earrings I got from Tiger (which is the best shop that there is, by the way), two random blue stones I had from somewhere, and a teeny weeny bottle.

In case you hadn't guesses, I made earrings in a bottle, and a kind of wire tree to support them in. I literally just glued the stones on with super glue, so I don't know if they'll fall apart, but they will probably;y be held together with my prayers, like most things I make. Whether or not Lucy will ever wear the earrings, or indeed be able to get them out of the bottle remains to be seen, but she seemed happy, and I stayed up late enough to make them that they county as thoughtful. I would have liked them, so it was probably fine.
Until next time

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