Saturday, 9 May 2015

Retail therapy, exams and the horrific world of politics

So, this is it folks. The day we've all been waiting for. It's election result day, and we've all been given the chance to change our country, to rid ourselves of the conservatives and start a new era. So, what happened? Honestly, I don't know. I'm pretty left wing; I support the Green party, and Labour, so why so many would vote Conservative is beyond me. Now we're going to have to wait another five years before we have our next chance to get someone new, and meanwhile, the Conservatives have pretty much free reign to make whatever horrifying decisions they like, not that thye didn't already. Ugh. I am done with politics.

Anyyway, life's been hard. Well, y'know, in a sort of middle class mild teenage angst sort of way. Plus, we've had exams; so, so many exams, and now we're having to retake some because of some great reason that the teachers haven't bothered to divulge to us unworthy slaves. Grr. After all that, some serious retail therapy was definitely in order. I used to love Primark, but the whole dying child slave's final words stitched with the blood of thousands sort of thing kind of put me off. My new obsession is TK Maxx, and it's pretty darn good (although a bit too easy to spend £50 if you ask me. Which they didn't. Hence my lack of money now.) I'm going to show you what I bought so you can be just like me make sure you buy stuff that's good or something.

1. The trousers are very boho, but that's not the greatest thing. The best bit is that they're just like pyjama bottoms, but they're acceptable to wear in public! (pyjamas will get you some weird looks, trust me.) Please, just save yourself some hassle and buy these. They make me so happy it's even worth spending FIFTEEN POUNDS on them. Fifteen.

2. These make up brushes are so soft and fluffy I swear they are crafted purely out of disney fanfics. I've used two of the three so far, and they're amazing (except they smell of plastic, but they are made of it I suppose, so it's not fair to criticise. I don't criticise people because they smell human after all.)

3. I wore this dress today. That should give you a picture of how much I love it- it's British spring, which is the equivalent of monsoon season anywhere else. (Nah, that's too dramatic. It's not that exciting; it's mostly constant showers. All year. Ugh.) Oh well, while I wear the dress it's summer in my heart.

4. Isn't this just the most gorgeous colour nail polish ever?! I think so anywhere, and it's on my toes right now, and it would be on my fingers too if our school wasn't so harsh and and dystopian.

5. Um. I got this out of pure necessity, after my dear mother 'accidentally' put my mascara through the wash, and then it sort of died. I'm glad she did though, because this stuff (Bourjois queen attitude if you want to be more technical.) is really good, and doesn't slowly travel down your face during the day like my old mascara, until you looked like a panda at a funeral. 

6. These were kind of an impulse buy. I haven't had chance to wear them yet (damn you, British weather.) but they're nice, I guess. It's just that they were ten pounds. I'm still in shock.

7. AH, memories. I've worn this already, on a freezing walk up a hill, with my jacket making my bandeau slide down, the wind strong enough to fly our dog as a kite, and the potential to get lost anywhere (and I did.) It was great.

So, that's where my £50 went, and je ne regrette rien folks. Apart from the fact that all that money spending fun is over now, probably for a good while.
Until next time