Sunday, 26 July 2015

An Update

I have been supremely busy lately, and I'm sorry. I'm just writing to let you know that I'm alive, that my hands do still connect to my brain intermitted, so I can occasionally write things that aren't shocking. I'm in France at the moment, and not only France, but the South of France no less. That means heat (thank the lord - I live in Britain, and hot days are about as common as seasons of Sherlock.) lots of pools and slight sunburn. France is particularly nice right now because of the contrast. Before we left I had Tempest performances, guitar exams, school exams, homework, a ton of trips and a karate competition, and now I'm free!

To celebrate the end of term, I've dip dyed, my hair red, which was kind of rash, but I love it. It makes me happy I guess, and I'm planning to cut it all off at the end of the summer, into a pixie cut (let me know what you think!). I used Live Colour XXL, which worked pretty well, and was quick and easy to use. The smell was nice too, although I wasn't particularly impressed with the staying power of it - it's faded to a reddish pink after only three days, but then again, I have been in the pool at least three times a day for those last three days, so you can't really blame the dye.

I passed my grade five guitar exam with a merit, which I was pretty relieved about, and which I found out while having a picnic with my friends, at school. (That was a massive success, and was my idea, which I was pretty proud about.) Anyway, happy holidays to all you guys,
Until next time